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Producer and wholesaler of Belgian, ethical and organic bean-to-bar chocolate

At MO Chocolate, we produce chocolate of the highest quality for professionals who work with chocolate (chocolatiers, confectioners and restaurateurs). Experience the taste of real chocolate thanks to the Belgian bean-to-bar production that only uses organically certified cocoa beans. Our roasting processes highlight all the flavours and specific characteristics of each cocoa bean that we select. Contact us for more information and to place your order.

The MO Chocolate quality

Our artisan company can be found in Brussels and produces exceptional chocolate chunks. Our strength as a wholesaler? The origin of our cocoa beans that we select very carefully. We only select organically certified producers regarding which we are fully aware of the quality of the beans and fermentation methods.

 After being transported to Belgium, we refine these noble raw materials in our own production facilities. We roast and conch them in accordance with a process that we fully control so that we bring out the full potential of the flavours of the chocolate. This is how MO Chocolate offers all professionals the best possible basis for the creation of their chocolate preparations.

Produced in Belgium

Organically certified

Our products

We are proud to work together with cocoa bean producers from different regions in the world such as Peru, Nicaragua and São Tomé and Príncipe. We also work with a whole variety of cocoa beans: Amelonado, Criollo, Trinitario, etc. Something for everyone! 

We offer our dark, white and milk chocolate chunks in various packs. Depending on the bean type that must be processed and the expectations of our customers, we carefully adjust the production recipes. The roasting temperature, conching time and intensity are adjusted to obtain the flavour profile and texture that best meet the requirements and preferences of our customers.

“We create tailor-made chocolate with our expertise to give our customers an unforgettable taste experience.”

Chocolate for professional use

All chocolate of MO Chocolate is intended for processing by professionals from the sector including the most demanding artisan chocolatiers.

  • NPastry and cake
  • NKitchen recipes
  • NConfectionary
  • NBars

Our chocolate chunks

We offer our quality chocolate in bulk in the shape of chunks (dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate). The most significant benefit of these chunks is that they are more stable in the oven than the callets (chips) and the drops that are often offered.

This melting chocolate format is therefore ideal for use in the most diverse of dishes and recipes and especially in the making of pastry products. Professional chefs are given complete creativity freedom in this way and achieve exceptional results.

Our partners

The quality of each product has the highest priority at MO Chocolate. This is why we decided to collaborate with Silva Cacao that selects the best cocoa beans from the most reliable and ethical regions and countries.

We select our production supply chains based on two important principles: transparency and fair remuneration. As a customer, you can be completely assured that you are supporting an ethical and sustainable production and, at the same time, enjoying a superior chocolate experience.


We are transparent towards our customers and tell them about the exact origin of the beans used for our chocolate in relation to trusted cooperatives such as Norandino and Cecaq11.

Fair remuneration

We ensure that our producers are paid higher prices than the Fairtrade standards and guarantee a fixed price all year to guarantee their financial security.

The origin of the MO Chocolate project

Encouraged by our experience in the chocolate world since 2016 and an insufficient supply of quality chocolate for professionals, we established MO Chocolate in 2020. In addition, the chocolate world was also regularly confronted with a lack of traceability and transparency with regard to the producers of cocoa beans.

When we set up MO Chocolate, we wanted to take all stages of the production supply chain into account. We ensure we can check everything: from respect for the producer to the knowledge and control of the processing process both in the production zones and at our production facilities. Our aim is also to guarantee a fair price for every player in the supply chain that is linked to maximum guarantees for our customers.


Who are we?

We have specialised in the production of Belgian organic chocolate for private persons and professionals since 2016. We are famous for the quality of our range (bars, chocolate chunks, chocolate paste, cookies, truffles, etc.) and you will find our brand at many selling points in Belgium and abroad.

We have always been aware of the social problems related to the production of cocoa. We have listened from the beginning to the requirements of our professional customers and therefore could gradually guarantee the quality of our products during all facets, which ultimately led to the establishment of MO Chocolate. This project is the result of a long reflection about all cocoa-related challenges and its ethical and sustainable production.

As a wholesaler, we are proud that we offer high-quality products that respect our values and meet the expectations of our customers. We make every effort to support ethical practices in cocoa production and, at the same time, offer a unique chocolate flavour experience.


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